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  • Weaving, tulle, organza, embrodery, viole, jacquared etc. fabrics edge pattern laser cutting with cameras follow-up
  • Fabric correction system with photocell for correct fabric inlet
  • Automatically fabric inlet-outlet tension settings and controlled delivery
  • From rollas, batch and plating fabric inlet
  • To roll, plating fabric outlet
  • 0-24 m/minutes working speed
  • For fabric ends sensetive photocell
  • Interrupted fabric edges cellecting with air vacuum suck system
  • Patented anti fabric edge yellowing system
  • Special long life laser tube
  • Fabric slicing with ultrasonic technology
  • Cutting all kinds of fabric with special production knifes
  • Paste on the cutting edge of the fabrics
  • Ultrasonic cutting removes the burrs, yarns, tassels etc. solves
  • Stor curtain and polyester fabric cutting in the exact solution
  • Optional cutting knife piece
  • Fabric control screen addition before fabric cutting optional
  • Electronic speed control 0-60m/minutes
  • Our products are fully technical service guaranteed. Ultrasonic signal generator manufacturing by DEMAS
  • Shower curtain, table cloth, edge etc. pattern printing with ultrasonic cutting
  • Different options according to customer needs
  • This machine is suitable for woven, tulle, organza, embroidery, voile jazquard etc. fabric
  • It is the double folded rolling machine
  • It is the double folding machine (book form)
  • It is the tweice double folding machine (book form)
  • Fabric inlet through same place for double and four folds
  • Photocell adjustment system according to the width of fabric prior to double and four folding
  • For proper folding, special system for thin and sensetive fabric
  • Well-arranged edges by photocell control for twice double folding and double folding
  • Electronically special tension system
  • Hard or loose folding feature, due to torque controlled, from beginning of the roll to end of the roll
  • Adjustable electronic calibrated counter meter system adjustable speed control between 0-60 m/min
  • It is a wide-screened machine for inspecting and rolling of flexible, knitting, lycra and lace fabrics
  • It is a machine for opening of tubular fabric by cutting and expanding device
  • It has air insufflation system for elliminating of fabric edge curls
  • It stops automatically at finish or at required meterage
  • It has edge control unit with photocell in order to roll smoothly
  • Calibraction values can be seperately defined for each type of fabric (99 pieces)
  • Inpection panel protected from daylight aid by covering cabin and illuminated by varied lamps
  • It weights roll and by connecting printer, writes barcode label (Optional)
  • By passing the tube fabric through cutting and expanding device it makes it open width fabric (Option)